Audacious Women Festival


The Festival is a chance to break personal, political, institutional barriers & celebrate audacious women. The Audacious Women Collective wants to invite and support you to take your first steps on a journey to audacity. We have music, dance, art and books, all giving you an opportunity to Do What You Always Wish You Dared no matter what your interests, and to celebrate the achievements of audacious women who have gone before.

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The Festival last February was the best yet, thanks to our wonderful event leaders. It's going to be quite a challenge to match it in the weird new world we're living in. But we also know from our lockdown programme that it's possible to do amazing things even with the restrictions we faced. We need your imagination and audacious ideas to make next year an equal success.

We are inviting proposals for February 2021. Do you have an event you'd like to run? We're open to any suggestion, so long as it has an "audacious women" theme. If you'd like to offer an Audacious Women workshop, a performance, start a conversation, curate an exhibition, organise a sporting event, perform a comedy routine, or do anything else we haven't thought of, please do get in touch.

There are of course, Covid considerations. We don't anticipate being allowed to run events in our usual venues because of the physical distancing requirements. Instead, we are looking for events which can take place outdoors, online or even in a suitable venue you have access to. We are assuming that physical distancing requirements will continue to be in place next February, but will keep our planning under review if they change.

Email us with your ideas by 20th October 2020, giving brief details of what you'd like to do, a wee bit about yourself, and how you would like to run it to meet physical distancing regulations.   We're also always happy to hear from organisations that would like to hold an event in partnership with us.