Audacious Women Festival

The 2018 Festival was brilliant
We all had the best time. Can't thank everyone enough - the workshop leaders who inspired us, the website builder without whom nothing could have happend, the bike riders who took dozens for a spin, the women who organised events in an amazing range of locations, our partner agencies who support us year after year, our social media expert who made sure everyone knew about us, the folk at all the venues who made everything run smoothly all weekend - especially those who stepped in with no notice to solve a last minute crisis, the dancers, performance artists, singers, songwriters and poets who entertained us.
And above all, thanks to all those who came and participated, who laughed and cried, who shared their stories and listened to other women's, who energised us and chilled together ... and all who did what they had never previously dared. We hope you feel inspired, supported and encouraged to continue to commit acts of audacity throughout the coming months, to believe that you can, and to Do What You Always Wish You Dared.
You can also help us inspire, encourage and support other women by telling us what you're planning, or about something audacious you've already done and we will add it to our stories of women's Audacious Pledges and Audacious Acts.
The Festival is a chance to break personal, political, institutional barriers & celebrate audacious women. The Audacious Women Collective would like to invite and support you to take your first steps on a journey to audacity. We have music, dance, art and books, all giving you an opportunity to Do What You Always Wish You Dared no matter what your interests, and to celebrate the achievements of audacious women who have gone before.  

You will find updates and news about the Festival on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.