Audacious Acts

Being audacious means something different to every woman. Everyone has their own starting point - something you find easy might be another woman's greatest fear.

As part of the Audacious Women Festival, we're asking women to either tell us something audacious they've done, or something audacious they want to do this year. Send us your Audacious Acts through our Contact Form or on Facebook, Twitter, or email, and we'll publish them here.

Audacious Acts

Here are some of the audacious stories that women have shared with us. Send us yours and we'll add it to inspire other women.

A Memorable Experience

My Audacious Act was to run a (sold out) memoir-writing workshop at AWF 2019. The enthusiasm of the women encouraged me to write a ten-week course for adult education which has gone brilliantly and itself has prompted me to now consider offering memoir publishing services. Watch this space 


Skinny dipped

Skinny dipped.

I know it's a cliche but that doesn't make it any less fun!

Dancing on the runway

Together with other women on a charity trip we did a dance on the airport runway in Entebbe, Uganda, where we were leaving after spending some months there. (NB We'd done some dancing as part of other activities we were involved with.)

Ballet Class

I started a Ballet class. After a 40 year break (no leotard!)


Moved to the other side of the world.... then quit my job to do a PhD. All working out so far...

Home Education

Audacious thing I've done. :Home educated my son.

South of England to AWF

Driving from the South of England while "working" to catch up with amazing friends. And catching an awesome gig: 6 Gals Named Smith

Re-Mixing It Up

I shared my first demo track to a private songwriting group for feedback and a songwriting producer to Rita Ora and Little Mix liked it and offered to remix it free of charge in his sparetime despite being really busy and turning down most requests to produce new emerging artists’ tracks.

NM March '18

(Just goes to show what can happen when you dare! - Audacious Women Collective) 

My First Poetry Slam

I took part. I read my own words aloud to an audience. They were fresh on the page - written 2hrs earlier at most. I am particularly proud that I had the audacity to ask folk to listen to my words without careful polishing and rehearsal. It was fun.

Website Building

I've overcome the barrier to start my own web! :)