Audacious Acts

Being audacious means something different to every woman. Everyone has their own starting point - something you find easy might be another woman's greatest fear.

As part of the Audacious Women Festival, we're asking women to either tell us something audacious they've done, or something audacious they want to do this year. Send us your Audacious Acts through our Contact Form or on Facebook, Twitter, or email, and we'll publish them here.

Audacious Acts

Here are some of the audacious stories that women have shared with us. Send us yours and we'll add it to inspire other women.


I decided that I am ENOUGH just the way I am!

Going Solo!

7 years ago my audacious act was to call my then partner’s office to advise him not to bother coming home that evening. Earlier that week he’d cleaned out the joint accounts but forgotten to cancel the bank statement that I received that morning. We had 2 small children, a huge joint mortgage and I was essentially a house wife because my partner travelled abroad and was a very well remunerated partner at Baillie Gifford.

I still can’t believe I had the nerve to leave, return to work in London, eventually moving to Perth and starting a new career as a singer/songwriter. I’ve just recorded my first single and can’t wait to try my hand singing live at Sunday’s Open Mic. 
Feb 2018

An Amazing Journey

In Autumn 2016, as a work-a-holic single mum, I took a sabbatical and went on a boat to northern Spain, not knowing where my journey would take me nor where I would be staying. I swapped my Shiatsu for a bed and food, travelling around the country, I walked a camino and a half, and some, and started to write about it. Since then I have made many more treks, leaving my grown kids behind thinking I have gone mad, and am exploring pilgrimage, silence and the way of the itinerant Shiatsu practitioner. I am starting to feel my inherent audacity.
Feb '18


Asking for a pay rise

I wasn't happy with what my current role was paying me. I decided that instead of starting the lengthy process of applying for other jobs, I was going to do the awkward, audacious thing and tell my line manager that I didn't feel my pay reflected the standard of my work, and that it made me feel unvalued in the company. 

I was worried that they'd tell me to leave. However, my manager was supportive and together we made a case to our company's board.

I'm now sitting happily on a substantial pay rise, working hard and much happier than before. I'm so glad I asked instead of handing in my notice and going somewhere else! 
Jan 2017

Bit nippy

I went skinny dipping on a kayak trip off the west coast.

Finding My Voice

When I was very young I was told to stand at the back of the singing class and not open my mouth as I couldn't sing. So I did. And I continued to not sing all my life. I wouldn't even sing happy birthday at my daughter's party.  Lots of my friends are singers and I'd always wanted to be able to join in.

The Audacious Women Festival seemed like a perfect opportunity to do something that I'd been frightened to do for years. So I arranged to have a singing lesson with a friend who was equally convinced she couldn't sing. Surprisingly it went quite well and we decided to have lessons regularly. After three lessons I sang at Radical Voices, and this year I've committed to taking part in the Women's Reel Flash Mob.
Dec 2016


The past year has been one of many changes for me. After the birth of my son who was born prematurely, I have decided to follow my intuition and train as a doula and as an antenatal yoga teacher and finally do something I truly love and also inspire, empower and support other women ♥

Nude performance

The most audacious thing I've ever done was in 2009 at the Festival Fringe show "Trilogy" by Nic Green (performed entirely in the nude) where I joined the performers together with one other member of the audience to sing "Jersualem" on stage in the buff - except for a pair of specs!

Coming Out Audaciously Workshop - Participant

I came out a couple of weeks ago. I told The Girl that she captured my heart. She rejected me. I'm still me! I'm happy :)

Coming Out Audaciously Workshop - Participant

I came to a LGBT Coming Out workshop with my girlfriend!
- Anon Woman, 47