2018 Festival Announced

3rd Audacious Women Festival  Programme Announced

The 3rd Audacious Women Festival will take place from the 22nd – 26th February. It will feature over 20 workshops, conversations, performances and at least one pop-up event – all of which invite women to ‘Do What You Always Wish You Dared’.

The eclectic programme includes events such as The Preaching Divas by Ali Affleck, featuring the life and music of the early female pioneers of jazz and blues; a talk entitled How To Be A Bad-Ass: Emotional Self-Defence; and a Ladies Bicycle Ride, marking the  centenary of women’s suffrage, and celebrating the role of the bicycle in women’s emancipation.

The festival, in its third year, aims to ‘break personal, political and institutional barriers, and to celebrate audacious women everywhere’. Sally Wainwright of Audacious Women explains, “There's no one "audacious" thing to do. Instead, everyone has her own starting point. My audacious act might be something other women do every day.” In addition to the workshops, we would like to encourage women to think about what is important to them, and to take their first step towards achieving it.  So this year we have a workshop entitled Make It Happen, which will help women to plan their own personal act of audacity.

Lou Mclean, who is running a songwriting workshop in addition to giving the How To Be A Bad-Ass talk, reflected on her own personal experience of doing what she always wished she dared: "I personally had always wanted to be a musician, and it wasn't until my late 20s that I finally gave it a go. I know from my own experiences running workshops that great things can happen when women support each other to grow and create. It's truly amazing to see what people can do when they have had no prior experience. I am delighted to be involved in the Audacious Women Festival as it’s a great opportunity for women to get together and empower themselves to try something new.” 

The final event of the festival is Celebrating Audacity, which is an evening of spoken word poetry and music with Agnes Török and friends.  Török brings her outspoken, sassy humour to bear on many situations, including in her recently published book of poetry about countering violence against women. She said "The Audacious Women Festival is more needed than ever in the UK creative industry, where the #metoo campaign so clearly exposed the gender-based biases and violences that take place every day. We need events like this to gather our voices and say 'enough is enough' and say 'we can change this'. So many female artists and activists are already leading the way forward."