2020 Was Pants

2020 Was Pants

Sat 06 Feb 2021, 16:00 to 16:45
Also on 13 Feb. With Pop Up Exhibition on 20 Feb
£13.50 / £8.50 (Low income) / £18.50 (Supporter).
Zoom at the Online Festival

How pants was 2020? Let's give it the bum's rush. Which particular part of that shit show made you so angry you just had to embroider your knickers? Join us in some mass, sweary, shouty stitching to say goodbye to this crappy, annus horribilis.

You'll be sent an embroidery kit and a lovely, brand spanking new pair of kegs to get creative with at the workshop and access to a couple of 'how to' videos.

We'll all bring them together on Saturday 20th February to the city centre to hang oot on our very special (and socially distant) washing line of sweary smalls. The venue's to be announced.

We'd be delighted to add all sorts of pants to the line, if you don't want to buy the kit or times don't suit, just get creative with a pair of your own and bring them along on the day. (Book a free ticket to get info about where the line'll be.)

All pants welcome!

10 Jan (or when you book) : We'll send out embroidery kits and a link to 'how to' videos
Zoom workshops to discuss ideas, techniques and sort out any problems. You are welcome to come along to either or both of them:
6 Feb : Zoom workshop 11.00 - 11.45  
13 Feb: Zoom workshop 16:00 - 16:45
20 Feb: The Hanging Out at a location to be decided.  All welcome to come along and bring their own kegs.

Event Leader

Ann Harrison & Eilidh Scott
Sew Sweary & The Rebel Stitchers

Ann Harrison and Eilidh Scott are great pals and the founders of Sew Sweary, an informal, sweary embroidery group. When not swearing they can be found knitting and digitally designing