Submission Deadline Noon every Friday.
Sorry, no late entries can be accepted.

Each week we will publish a word or phrase suggested by a quote by or about an audacious women.

As lockdown is coming to an end, so is Audaciart, for now. So if you've been thinking about making a contribution but haven't yet found the time (or maybe the courage), follow the sentiment in our theme for this week. 

This week's theme is: Wait Not A Single Moment
Deadline: No later than Friday 24 July 2020 @ Noon

Next week's theme will be: The Most Difficult Thing
Deadline: No later than Friday 31 July 2020 @ Noon

Women are invited to create and submit a piece of work inspired by the phrase of the week - writing in any genre (anything from one up to about 1,000 words), photos, art, ceramics, a piece of knitting or crochet (a photo of!), music, videos (maximum 4 minutes), or anything else you like.

We will collate submissions and publish them on our website. 
Along with the publication we will reveal the full quote.  You can read previous editions here.

Submissions to by noon each Friday. All written work must be in a Word document

PLEASE READ this before sending us anything:  Copyright in submitted works remains with the author/artist. Women submitting work agree to allow their work to be featured fee-free on the website of Audacious Women Festival.  Submitted works may be used  by the Festival  in publicity or promotional material that is relevant to the Festival.
You may ask to have your work published anonymously or using a pseudonym, but you must tell us your real identity. No submissions will be accepted from someone whose identity we cannot confirm.
Submissions will be included in the weekly publication entirely at AWF's discretion.

Please include a statement in your covering email confirming that the work is  all your own, and that publishing it will not infringe any existing 3rd party copyright. Also confirm that you give AWF permission to use the work, fee-free, for publicity and promotion of the Audacious Women Festival.  The subject of your email must be "AudaciArt - weekly topic." (So if the phrase was Blue Skies the email subject would be "AudaciArt - Blue Skies. ")



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Audacious Women Festival

The Audacious Women Fesitival supports and encourages women to do What You Always Wish You Dared. Normally we run an annual Festival towards the end of February, but in these extraordinary times we are also offering an online programme. Proposals for online events are welcome.