Boost Your Confidence on a Bike

Boost Your Confidence on a Bike

Sun 24 Feb 2019, 12:45 to 13:30
City Art Centre
2 Market St
EH1 1DE Edinburgh
Women Only

Make every bike ride your best bike ride ever.

Mountain biking’s a fantastic sport but sometimes a lack of confidence can ruin your fun time on a bike.  Aneela McKenna from Go Where Scotland looks at ways you can boost your confidence on a bike and overcome that inner voice that says “I’m not good enough”, “it’s too hard”, “I can’t keep up”.

Aneela has a tonne of great tips to help you conquer those fears, regain a sense of empowerment in the saddle. and get you loving your ride to the max!  


Event Leader

Aneela McKenna
Go Where Scotland

Aneela is partner of MTB tour operator Go-Where Scotland and is a core member of their guiding team. Whether she’s leading tours in the incredible landscapes of Scotland or rallying people from all walks of life to swing a leg over the saddle - Aneela brings 20+ years' as a Diversity and Inclusion professional into everything she does.

Aneela is passionate about encouraging people from all walks of life to ride bikes. She works tirelessly to increase diversity in mountain biking and firmly believes that mountain biking is more than a sport - Aneela champions the wider benefits of mountain biking to help build confidence, strength and resilience in everyday life.