Conversation with Rachel-Jane Morrison, writer and performer of Unearthing

Unearthing photo

"Aw fur the sake o money, many men lost their lives aye but it was us women who got by"

We caught up with Rachel-Jane Morrison, the woman behind Unearthing - a one-woman play, performed as part of the Audacious Women Festival on the 18th February. If writing and performing a one-woman play wasn't daring enough, Unearthed will also see Rachel-Jane telling the untold stories of the audacious women from Scotland's mining history.

Rachel-Jane told us more about what to expect at the performance, as well as some of her recent audacity. 

Tell us a bit more about the play - where did the idea come from? What story are you telling?

The idea for "Unearthing"came from research I was doing into the mining community I live in, in Fife. It came from discovering how many women were involved in coal mining but it is so undocumented and I felt as if this was a real problem, as these women really were the pillars of their families and communities.

During my time researching this I spent time speaking to women and having conversations with wives & daughters of miners and it really gave me insight into how strong women of this time was, which as a working class young woman is incredibly inspiring.

How long have you been acting for? How did you start?

I have been involved in acting and writing shows since I was 13 and it started with going along to drama classes at school and quickly evolved into me leading classes and studying drama full time.

Asides from your own event, what are you looking forward to in the 2017 Audacious Women festival?

I am really looking forward to the These Dangerous Women and the event with Liz Lochead just to name a couple.

Tell us about something you did recently which was audacious for you.

I recently performed in a durational live art show that lasted 7 hours and as a solo female performer and I felt amazingly powerful after it, like I could take on the world.

Catch Unearthed on the 18th February in The Vault, 11 Merchant Street. Tickets available here