Fanny Riot Bingo Bango

Fanny Riot Bingo Bango

Fri 19 Feb 2021, 19:00 to Sat 20 Feb 2021, 20:55
Free (donations welcome)
Zoom at the Online Festival

Led by Bingo Master and educational guru Dr Fanny and her team, this take on yer grans mecca club classic pastime will be a body myth busting, sexual health educational race to the finish line; destigmatising body issues and giving participants the chance to engage in positive and proactive conversation about the body and sexual health along the way.

In our zoom boxes we will play a game of BINGO, but the numbers have a bit more meaning than two little ducks, although we might keep the ducks in cause we like them. QUACK!

However, this is unlike your standard rollers-in, keep quiet bingo. You will each be playing your own card of bingo, however there will be some interruptions with bonus point games that you willl face together in teams. Just to keep your bum from going numb, and for a bit of natter! Some of our bonus games will be interactive (or as interactive as you can be) and hopefully a bit of silly fun.

We will only ever ask you to put yourself forward for any participatory games, and hope that by the end of the night we will have myth busted some body issues, helped us all feel that little bit more confident that we are all in this together, curlers or no curlers.

Event Leader

A woman wearing a pink and purple, fluffy, vulva mask around her face, with a pair of 1950's styled pink sunglasses on. She has a vadge badge on her fluffy green jacket, which she is delicately using her hands to highlight.
Marie Williamson
Fanny Riot

Our collaborative is called Fanny Riot, and we are women led protest provocateurs. We are a team of fannies who want to bring political, environmental and social issues to life through satirical performance, and invite the audience to engage in conversation about these issues through a healthy and positive reinforcement. Our group has performers, musicians, dancers, circus artists, mothers, political activists, and are open to anyone joining us. We are based in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Since establishing in January 2019, we have created satirical, political, live performance pieces for Neu! Reekie at Summerhall, Decagram’s Edinburgh Festival Gig, Extinction Rebellion’s Blue Wave protest, International Woman’s day march 2019 and 2020, and held our first Fanny Bingo Quiz at The Dram in January 2020.