Finding Empowerment Through Playfulness

Finding Empowerment Through Playfulness

Saras Feijoo - Playfulness Mindset Coach.
Sun 21 Feb 2021, 14:00 to 15:30
£5 low income / £10 standard / £15 supporter
Zoom at the Online Festival

This event will be a mix between a talk and a practical workshop with exercises, visualisations and space for Q&A at the end in which through 'creating fun' you will build a sense of wellbeing, ignite your imagination and connect with your creativity.

Saras will guide you to a lovely place where you will connect with your playful-self and recharge your joyful and cheerful energies. A Bubble of Playfulness will be created to help you open your heart and encourage you to connect with that youthful naivety and child-like curiosity we lose as we grow into adulthood and become ‘responsible’.

This workshop will provide you with practical actions to find empowerment within, grow inner resilience and live your life the playful way. At the end of it, you will feel a sense of connection and understanding of yourself, knowing that you have the ability to heal your heart and recharge your energies. 

Event Leader

Saras Feijoo

Saras, pronounced SA-rasa, is the Artistic Director and CEO of the (Edinburgh) International Playfulness Festival – PlayfulFest. She is also a Playfulness Mindset Coach and Strategist. Saras is an Award-Winner Multi-passionate Creative Entrepreneur. She loves meditating, connecting with others and cultivating child-like curiosity and Playfulness.

Her mission is to help you connect with the energy of fun and light-heartedness that lays within you by providing you with easy-to-use tools that will help you grow and expand that connection and bring it forward to every aspect of your life and business. And remind you that you can live your life and achieve your goals, the playful way.