Interview with Geraldine Wooley - Make It Happen! workshop leader

Photograph of Geraldine Woolley

We spoke to Geraldine Wooley about her Festival event Make It Happen! which will support women to plan their own audacious acts.  We asked her what being audacious meant to her and why she was offering the workshop.

Geraldine told us “Being audacious can be a ‘one off’ act, done on the spur of the moment without much thought. But exciting and fulfilling experiences often take some time to put in place, and overcoming barriers and inertia is part of the journey. Challenging yourself, whether it’s to do something you’ve always dreamed of, or to take up a new idea, brings a sense of empowerment and achievement. But how often do we put off these challenges, letting everyday life and the demands of others get in the way?

“This is why I’m offering the Make it happen! workshop at the Festival. It’s a chance to take some time for yourself, think about that audacious act you’d really like to do, and come up with a plan for change.

“I’ve been helping people achieve change for many years, supporting practical projects that create change in the workplace, and helping individual women develop their careers in challenging employment sectors at the same time as achieving a work life balance. I believe that working with others and finding support will make your audacious act more real and achievable.  My workshop will be a start on your audacious journey,  a chance to meet others who can support you, and a time for personal reflection and planning which will help you Make it happen!