Our Cameras, Our Stories: the women making Scotland's documentaries

Our Cameras, Our Stories: the women making Scotland's documentaries

Sun 21 Feb 2021, 17:30 to 18:30
Free (donations welcome)

Have you ever been inspired by a documentary, but wondered how they are made? Have you ever looked at the credits and noticed how few are directed by women? Come meet Flore Cosquer from the Scottish Documentary Institute, which has, since 2004 been working tirelessly to see more women working in documentary, and hear from Anne Milne and Inma de Reyes, two of our most talented female documentary filmmakers here in Scotland, who are making films that show women breaking barriers and expectations as they carve out a different path for themselves. 

With your ticket, you will receive free and exclusive access to some short documentaries made here in Scotland by women (including those speaking at this event) to watch ahead of the event. 

Event Leader

Flore Cosquer, Scottish Documentary Institute
Flore Cosquer, Head of Talent Development
Scottish Documentary Institute

Flore Cosquer has been working with emerging documentary talent for more than ten years.  In that time she has helped to build an inclusive and diverse community of documentary filmmakers in Scotland, providing hands-on support in the development creative, well-crafted and ethical documentaries which engage audiences across the globe and bring us new ways of seeing our world.   

In 2019, SDI launched its 50/50+ Women Direct campaign to see 50% of Scotland's documentaries directed by women (at the moment they direct just 16%). As part of the campaign we are delivering schemes specifically for female documentary filmmakers in Scotland - to help them progress and feel supported in this competitive industry, where women's voices and stories are sadly in the minority.