'A Revolution on Roller Skates': Glasgow Women's Library celebrate the audacious women of roller derby

Roller Derby

Hell hath no fury like an audacious woman on roller skates. It may come as a surprise to some people that learn that Scotland has a vibrant female roller derby scene,  from the Auld Reekie Roller Girls in Edinburgh, to Glasgow Roller Derby, to the Dundee Roller Girls. We're delighted to co-host an exhibition on roller derby - 'A Revolution on Roller Skates' - with Glasgow Women's Library as part of the Audacious Women Festival 2017. 

"What has Roller Derby got to do with audacious women? A relatively new sport in the UK, it is full contact, high intensity, played on roller skates, and boasts a strong and proud history of DIY feminist values."

Rebecca Jones and Bel Pye of the Glasgow Women's Library wrote a piece on the upcoming exhibition and the audacious roots of roller derby - have a read here