Women’s Troubles: medicine, mesh and misogyny

Women’s Troubles: medicine, mesh and misogyny

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Sat 20 Feb 2021, 12:00 to Sun 21 Feb 2021, 12:55
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Baroness Cumberlege's mesh enquiry concluded that healthcare providers need to do more to listen to women.  This was also the finding of the Mid Staffs and Montgomery enquiries.  Why then, does "Bikini Medicine", "Yentl Syndrome", obstetric violence and the dismissal of women's health concerns persist?  

Do we need centrally funded Menopause Sex Ed classes or is it ok to outsource education to Goop? 50% of women don't know the difference between their vulva and their vagina, what would happen if our young people left school knowing what they can reasonably expect from their genitals in the course of their lifetime?  

The future may well be female, but she is currently likely to be incontinent, depressed, overweight, anorgasmic and in residential care - can we do better?

Event Leader

Elaine Miller
Gusset Grippers

Elaine Miller is a Fellow if the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, specialising in pelvic health.  Elaine is interested in sub clinical women, the ones who buy incontinence pads but don't seek help.  "Gusset Grippers", her stand up show about pelvic floors, won the Comedy Award at Fringe World in 2020.  Elaine is evangelical about pelvic floor exercises and keeping vaginas where they belong.  She wants to change the world, one fanny at a time.